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Sometimes life is easy,sometimes it's hard: sometimes we feel happy, sometimes we feel sad...we make mistakes ,we fall ,we rise, no matter what happens to us,as long as we have breath and life ,we must keep moving...

Give no time for regrets, because no matter what,you can't bring back yesterday, the mistakes of today is made and gone, so learn and move on.

Things will get clearer ,look ahead and prepare, never look back and regret. Don't forget the past or the present ,you can still dream of the future, your strength comes when you believe in yourself (it's not gonna be easy) !!!

The strength to move on is " believing in yourself always ,never give up ,this is the only way the battles can be won "...

Never forget how far you've come,all the times you pushed on even when you felt you couldn't. All the mornings you forced yourself out of bed ,no matter how hard it was, all the times you wanted to give up, but fought through another day . Never forget the strength you gained along the way ... im at a point in my journey where I've become incredibly protective of my time and of my space !!!

I've grown acutely aware of how precious and fleeting life truly is: It's like this ( if you want my presence show me that you value me). I'm the one that forgives when deep offenses has been committed . I'm the one who loves when no one else does, I'm the one who gives kindness to those who are mean. I'm the one who looks past the insults, instead I look for the pain that motivated it .

I'm the one who shines light upon those who sit in utter darkness. Because the impact of being "THAT ONE" runs far and wide , it brings healing to the wounded, joy to the sad and hope to those in despair ...


Stay safe



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