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I don't believe in an eye for an eye...people don't understand the anomity and darkness in seeking revenge...nobody's life is worth the ruin!

I believe in lifting up those around me and giving second chances ,darkness lives inside most people ,that doesn't mean they are a write off...there's sometimes hope in darkness ; if we allow a little light to shine ,over shadowing the darkness,then there's hope for the sun to shine again ...

Life was suppose to be this ...amazing safe time, but this past years was co-operative by heartache, drama even deaths. It's not fair that so many of our family or friends are not here to continue this journey with us...its not right watching how people change by the click of their fingers. Those younger than us have known no hardships other than the ones steeped in violence ...

Our generation is lucky enough to remember a time before the Era of tragedy: when this was just a slightly boring world...that's the world I wish upon the generation coming up behind us and the one I want "us" our generation to remember, as we heading to the future . So please stay young as long as you can , stay innocent for as long as possible even if it's only for one more moment !!!


Stay safe



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