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The pain will eventually end ,the tears will stop, new doors will open,don't give up :new horizons approaches! You are not a victim for sharing your story...

You're a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth; you'll never know who needs your light,your warmth and raging courage . Life is short don't squander the chance to be kind, kindness requires only a smile, or a kind gesture , kindness is love in action ,love is everything !!!

You may have had your heart broken a time or two, but somehow you always forgive;To become wiser,stronger and more beautiful than before ,it didn't kill you it made you bloom...the difficult seasons,the one you think will never be over,it will be the catalyst of you going forward . Remember you can be vulnerable and yet still be can have a gentle heart ,but still be rock solid as your can be calm as a breeze ,but as fierce as a tiger...the best people embody both sides!!!

Own your mistakes "stop blaming everything around you ". Don't make mistakes make changes; what happens when you mess up??? Admit you messed up... Refuse to live your life feeling sorry for your mistakes, I MADE THEM, I'LL OWN THEM, I'LL FIX THEM

Life is so short : we spend so much time sweating the small stuff (worrying,complaining, gossiping, comparing, wishing,wanting and waiting for something bigger and better instead of focusing on all the simple things that surrounds us everyday !!!

Life is so fragile and all it takes is a simple moment to change everything you take for granted. Focus on what's important and be grateful ;you are blessed ,believe your life and leave no regrets . If you don't allow yourself to move past what happened,

what was said,what was will look at your present and future with a dirty lens. Take this to heart cleanse your thoughts with presence, what you do now matters more than what happened yesterday !!!


Stay safe



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