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In life everyone wears a mask ...not just the weak and vulnerable or the strong and mighty, every so often the mask slips and our true selves are laid bare for all the world to see . So we scramble to put it back on ,like a kid in a halloween costume ,but it's too late people have already seen what's underneath. It's terrifying ,we all sometimes walk on razor edge,(It's like misogyny dies hard). All demon's have a way of resurfacing...

For the first time in a long time, I'm at a place of clarity; the last twenty years of my life, I was self-destructing myself .

It's taken me fifty years to get where I am right now, a place of " I matter "...

I went through many wrenching ordeals.

I'm taking things extremely swiftly, I've lost so much in the process, and I'm not giving up ! Life has robbed me of so much and I haven't been compensated ,not even a quarter of it back ( I'm good with that ,as long as I have my sanity and my pride) !!!

I've been writing ever since I was a youngster,making up stories #fantasizing ,thrillers,love stories ,but never did I think one day I'll be writing about myself. I've never written a story as remarkable as mine...I've gone from being a victim to a in hostility to being free as a bird...I've probably been written off many a times ,I wasn't perfect ,neither was I fearless...I re-writed my wrongs , faced my fears, kept my kids together, fought all the tormenting battles by myself..."that's who I really am" (someone who will do anything for anyone just for the sake of peace and stability,quick to forgive, always out to lend a helping hand, seeing the best in everyone ,despite who or what they have done) everyone needs a second chance !!!


Stay safe


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