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Young, upcoming melodic metal band Calvaria released their second single ‘At World’s End’ onto all major streaming platforms on 10th March 2023.

Featuring heavy but carefully melodic guitars, soaring vocal melodies and pummelling, intense drumming - this epic fan-favourite tune has been long anticipated by the band’s following. Calvaria have delicately balanced their classic and modern metal influences to create a unique sound that is enjoyed by younger and older generations of rock and metal fans. Regularly gigging around England, these young rockers are quickly making a name for themselves.

Calvaria was formed in early 2022 by vocalist Scott King and guitarist Natasha Bray, with bassist James Prellberg and drummer Evan Mansell completing the line-up soon after. They are currently based in Milton Keynes, England. With influences stretching across the spectrum such as metalcore, 80s arena rock, progressive metal and thrash metal, Calvaria are equally melodic as they are heavy.


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