We are always on the look out for new talent and unsigned acts. Be you singer, songwriter, solo artist, rapper, rocker, producer, a cappella, band, orchestra, composer or just someone who likes to make strange noises with computers, we want your music! We want magicians, comedians, story tellers and poets.

This page is where we will display all the good stuff that makes us here at Attic sit up all excited and say "who is THIS?",

Email us if you think you can!


12 AM Flowers (Indie/Alt-Pop)

Abi Mia (Alt-Pop)

Attic Antics (Dance)

Biddy Ronelle (Country)

Chris Rogers (Folk)

Collective Music Society (Fol/Alt/Pop)

Cranberry Merchants (Rock)

Dignity Row (Folk/Contemporary)

Engines Made From Soup (Pop-Dance/EDM)

FYDStar (Indie/Rock/Alt-Grunge)

Homeless Radio (Indie-Rock)

James Ethington III (Indie)

Katherine Aly (Alt-Pop)

Kicked Out of The Sky (Rock/Punk)

Krystle K (Pop)

LC Labs (Soundtrack/Experimental/Ambient)

Marooned (Indie-Blues)
Mikalyn (Alt-Pop/Dance)

Moana Tela (RnB/Rap)

Not Ned (Indie-Rock)

Of The Sun and Moon (Hard-Rock)

Petal Falls (Indie/Folk-Rock)

Rob G Nichols (Soundtrack/Ambient)

Sarah Jayne (Pop/Soul/Swing)

Sky Diving Penguins (Alt-Pop/Indie)

Superdrone (Indie/Alt-Grunge)

Quails (Alt-Pop/EDM)