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Dave says it best himself - from his website...

"Hello Fellow Music Lovers! Originally from Preston, England, I made my home in Los Angeles in the 1990’s to pursue my musical dreams. Power & Glory, The Deadbirds, Zodiac 5, and Rocking Scoundrels are all bands I played in or founded, and who regularly graced the stages of the LA music scene. Collectively, the musical style of these bands spanned hard rock, punk, garage, melodic pop/rock, and even rockabilly. Rocking Scoundrels released a total of six albums with songs being placed in the movie Pawns Move (2011), and two documentaries; Behind the Mask (2006), and Why We Ride (2008). I released my first solo album Dave Haynes - GET SOME! in May 2020. The debut single from the album PEACH spoke to the excitement and optimism I experienced upon my arrival in Los Angeles - reflected in the chorus lyric “like life on a beach, my life is a peach.”

People have described my current project as sounding like a blend of Tom Petty, Bryan Adams, and Soul Asylum. I call it guitar driven pop/rock and just hope you all like it! Dave. "


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