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Hellz Falcons

They were formed the moment Max Shepherd (front man of Australian The Dead

Amigos) busted into Dan Rowe’s place and demanded he chuck some beers

in the fridge, jump behind the kit and come out of retirement!

One problem, Max is a Blues/Rock musician and Dan a bit more Metal. What

to do?! Alas this panned out when dirty Dean McKechnie joined the band

(also a bit of a Metal head), he plugged the Aussie rocker into an Orange

amp, turned up the gain and the riffs started spilling out.

“Ok lads let’s meet halfway..! Let’s do like 70’s metal our way - let’s keep it

catchy, thrashy and guitar god happy!”

The boys didn’t waste any time and started laying down track after track all

whilst we were on the hunt for the right bass player. “We were lucky to of had

so many auditions with so many awesome players, just shows you what’s out

there” Then the lads stuck gold landing the man the myth, LOW END LOGAN!

Naming a band is a pretty excruciating experience to say the least. Trying to

find a name that paints the picture of your music and will become the banner

in which you fly under is no easy task..... Unless of course you’re Dan Rowe

who came up with 10 bad ideas a minute. We were gonna kill him!

“We knew the name had to sound like a killer band from the 70’s that never

made it but was close! It had to be old school.”

After months of word play and resisting the urge to murder Dan the lads

came up with THE F#$KING FALCONS... then after one too many raised

eyebrows, we toned it down to... HELLZ FALCONS!

“We weren’t 100% sold on the name until we went bush on acid” After

tripping in the woods and encountering numerous Falcons on their journey, all

whilst the muddy track itself being somewhat of a living hell the boys took it as

a sign why not?!

F$&k yeah, give it up,



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