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The Ember Glows

FOR FANS OF: Echo and the Bunnymen, Simple Minds, Nick Cave, The Cult, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Verve, The Mission, Interpol, War On Drugs, Julian Cope

“The Ember Glows is just such a time-shifting device powered by the spiralling lead lines reminiscent of the early Cult sound, woven of the same ornate intricacies as Echo and The Bunnymen, as anthemic as The Mission at their most bombastic best" ~ The Big Takeover "

At the intersection between post-punk intensity, the romanticism of new wave and trippiness of psychedelic rock... their sound is more akin to late 20th century northern England" ~ The Spill Magazine

"Moodily brooding to dynamically vibrant songs that are drenched in ruminative baritone vocals, darkly shining guitars, low-register bass lines, and pushing drumbeats" ~ The Record Stache

"Boasting a classic guitar-driven New Wave psych sound, the simple hooks, a pulsating rhythm section, textural guitar interplay, and baritone vocals bring to mind Echo & The Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes, U2, The Mission, and The Associates" ~ Montreal-based indie rock / post-punk quartet The Ember Glows has released their new EP 'Where Spirits Play', a 4-track offering recorded at Closet Studios in Montreal with elements of Simple Minds, The Cult, Echo and the Bunnymen, early U2, Nick Cave and The Mission at the fore.

Formed in 2019 by members of Montreal-based indie artists Room Control, REPO, Scene Noir and Citylake, The Ember Glows is Richard Bunze (guitar), Kevin Hills (bass), Martin Saint (vocals and guitar) and Dan Stefik (drums).

Leading up to this EP, The Ember Glows previewed the singles 'Silent Love' and 'The Mirror'. About the latter, frontman Martin Saint says this is "about how most nations carry skeletons in their closets - even the so-called peaceful ones. Sooner or later, we must face the weight of history and the past hits us hard collectively". The Ember Glows trace their roots to guitar-driven new wave, psych rock and 90’s British indie music, having crafted a sound that boasts simple hooks, a pulsating rhythm section, textural guitar interplay and baritone vocals.

The 'Where Spirits Play' EP is out now, available from Apple Music and other digital stores, as well as Bandcamp, where their 'Passer-by' EP is also available on cassette and digitally.

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