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The history of The Petal Falls stretches back to the mid/late 90’s in Kent, UK.It was originally formed with the intention of providing a performance platform for singer and main songwriter Keith Leahy’s stunning music.The Petal Falls eventually came to life in the mid 90’s with the following line up Keith Leahy – Vocal, Guitar & Keys, Robert Harpum – Guitar, Dave Richards – Guitar, Marius Ryndziewicz – Bass, Robin Tucker - Drums.

Early success led to them signing to a mid tier label that would ultimately stifle the bands creativity and stall its career for a number of years leading to a great deal of frustration and the eventual demise of the original band, after never being given the opportunity to publicly release the wealth of rich material that had been built up over those years.Thankfully a few years back the music became available to release and Keith seized the opportunity to re-master the original songs into complete albums with the help of old friend and Producer/Engineer/Drummer John King, with the intention of releasing the music of the original band line up of The Petal Falls to an unsuspecting public.In return the public's response and interest has been nothing short of incredible to the music released so far by The Petal Falls.The irresistible blend of hard rock and pop with a mixture of brilliantly catchy music, clever lyrics and maddeningly beautiful production have produced a brand of music that so many have now found impossible not to fall in love with.This popularity and critical acclaim has led Keith to resurrect The Petal Falls as a solo project which has risen like a “phoenix from the ashes” of the original band, with brand new music now being recorded by this amazing singer/songwriter in collaboration with John King.There is now a lot to look forward to in the coming years from The Petal Falls.

So go have a listen to The Petal Falls and “Let The Music Do The Talking”


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