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People have dubbed them as Tragic Pop, sometimes Angular Rock, but the 4 friends from Tel Aviv play Alternative Rock with a scent of a large stage at a European festival (god we miss those) or an industrial hangar. Depends on how Tragic the Pop is that day.

"Fuzzy" is seen as a landmark song by the band. The single started off as a catchy tune during a rehearsal back when the band was a trio, slowly developing from a heavy riff into a Pop driven melody with an epic chorus.

Jonny wrote the lyrics during the strangest of times – Between two Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020-2021 in Tel Aviv, expressing an array of emotion and confusion, thoughts of life and death, and the end of an 8 year relationship with his girlfriend. Thus, the title "Fuzzy" felt like the most appropriate name for this text.

After performing and recording as a trio for two years, guitarist Gil Mezamer joined in 2020, a move that catapulted the band into a very fruitful period, writing a new album

which was recently recorded in Tel Aviv, due to come out in December 2021.

Following substantial airplay on FM radio in the US, Australia and England with the last two singles they have released, Vini Vicious are experiencing their most prolific year ever, with "Fuzzy" being the first single off of their new album "Atelophobia".

Vini Vicious are:

Jonny Stone – Lead Vocals & Guitar

Gil Mezamer – Guitar & B.Vocals

Tal Bluestein – Bass & B.Vocals

Shalev Vered – Drums & B.Vocals

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