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I didn't understand why everything in my life felt so empty (yet I'm surrounded wth my loved ones), I thought it was just something about me that made me feel this way,until I realized it wasn't all me. I've never given much thought to the things that were dragging me down,

I was to hard on myself cos I always pushed myself regardless of how hard life was. My focus was turned inward and not what's around me,no matter what I did,I just couldn't shake the layer of unhappiness that surrounded me,until someone close to me turned and walked away...

I thought I would be sad and upset but I wasn't. I was actually relieved that the negativity was gone ,that's when it finally dawned on me. I had to let go of toxic people , the bad memories and things that weighed on me if I truly wanted to be free. All my life I blamed myself for all the things that went wrong and ended I closed my eyes and made some major choices. I wanted to become happy , become more and release all the guilt, remorse and frustration that I carried for so long !!!

I didn't know exactly where my path will lead, all I knew was I couldn't keep going the way I was headed. One by one I started to let go of people who didn't respect, love or treat me the way I deserved. Slowly I started to feel more relaxed ,more lighter ,happier and more at peace with my life . Everything that brought me down...I walked away from and I couldn't be more thankful for the joy I felt from setting myself free. My happiness was more important than the people I loved, so i let go off , set them free...

I started walking in a different direction,but gain a new perspective.

I did lose alot of people when I chose to surround myself with good vibes for my own sanity. But more so... I now found a more beautiful world waiting for me to discover . From now I'm surrounding myself with the people that feel like sunshine ; and I'll be shining brightness all over . Starting with myself !!!

Don't be afraid to walk away from people, places and things that leaves your soul heavy ...



Stay safe


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