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Wildchains are an independent underground rock band from Braga, Portugal, established in early 2021.

The band's lineup consists of Rangel (vocals), Wizro (guitar) , Rei (guitar), Louro (bass) & Ace (drums) - well-known artists in the Portuguese underground scene from other musical projects.

Wildchains' sound is characterised by fusing various rock music influences, from classic to modern rock, which results in a diversified rock sound. Besides the characteristic sound, the "Wildchains" signature is also defined by their personal lyrics and interactive shows.

“I Lie” is the name of Wildchains' third and most recent single.

It's a melancholic song that talks about insomnia caused by remorse and nostalgia.

This song was released on November 11th and reinforced the sound diversity that Wildchains can achieve, bringing up elements from the band's alternative, indie and psychedelic influences.



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