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My Naked Body Invites You...

With every click

Of the zip,

Another goose pimple

On my skin,

With every touch

Of your hand,

Another image

In my head,

With my back

Turned away,

I can tell you

Want to play,

As my dress

Hits the floor,

You softly


"I want more!"

My cold body

Feels warm

Yet seductively,


In the dark,

You run your


Down my


With you

Coming closer

To my


My legs

Trembling and weak

As your knee

Opens up my thighs,

Steamed lips!

Passionately kiss!

Your hands running

Through my hair,

I'm naked and bare!

But you can

Take me!

"You can have more"

My naked body

Invites you,

So please,

Take more...

Written by Wayne Stubbs


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