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Have you ever went down the wrong roads and made bad implusive choices ??? ; and ended up in places you never should have been in, ways that tore your spirit apart . Truth is you don't know how you got so down and out,but you made it out intact and whole .

You hit rock bottom ;you hate who you've become ; you don't know how to dig yourself out of the hole, but you know that's the thing about a spirit that don't give up inside you . You don't know how and when to quit ; you become more desperate inspite of your rough start !!!

It was never meant to be the end of your story, you just have to begin a new chapter, one where the "Phoenix rises from the ashes" . You pull yourself up ; dust yourself off ; you fight and claw your way back; you don't ask for help but you forge your own courage and build your own strength...

never quit on yourself even when people give up on you, you can be a broken soul ;messed up sometimes but there's always a glimpse of beauty stashed inside you !!!

You fight to make your story a success, inside you is a passionate fire that can't be quenched, you write your story ; your way even though you holding the pieces of a life gone wrong ; you don't have to set the world on fire (just be on fire for your life) ; the kind of flames that makes your heart and soul feel totally alive . You may be beautifully broken but you wonderfully imperfect !!!


Stay safe



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