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VINO'S SOUL KITCHEN #141 it a self-sacrificial territory?

Marriages has so many risks...agree to disagree, compatibility ,do we marry for love or obligation?(risk is still a risk)...

Some people rush into marriage like it's a game, whilst others plan long term. Some of us choose marriage to feel loved or to feel wanted ,(me however I felt marriage was for grown ups) I actually thought marriage made me an adult; never did I realize the hardships and sacrifices, I had to put into it ,to make it work "lesson learnt". I rushed into my marriage with my head and not both feet; that was just the start of a rocky landing !!!

Crazy and an impulsive decision on my end...too crazy I would say (I was young ,naive and was suppose to be exploring other options for my future). I thought marriage was my solution...omg how wrong was I. I was soo fixated watching other couples having their own little happy family; I thought I needed one too (happy bubble happy family). Never did I realize that marriages wasn't forever (well most marriages) there's falling out ; rebuilding ; divorces; lose the spark,

challengers; mistrust; fire burns outs; extra marital affairs ...lists goes on , marriage is risk taking , argument chasing, marriage is when both parties put all in , something real ,love inspiration and respect!!!

Marriages are not hobbies we play with then get suppose to be sacred ,the vows we shared meant forever .

When we start dating things are good; then marriage happens ; some

survive, some don't . Signing a piece of paper , you no longer be a secret hobby but a live out loud ,public kinda of couple .

Marriage is not a transaction or practical ; it's neither a heart and rainbow fluffy kind of thing . Signing a paper means being hooked, then there's the other signing of paper which means divorce, !!!

Tying the knot is awesome ,new beginnings, new chapters ,new family ...just make sure you jump on in with a clear head and with both feet in (secure your balance). Stop and think through a decision that effects the rest of your live; don't ruin your solution by jumping the gun.

Marriage again I say is not practical it's reality; it's endless logical compromise between people who are drunk on love . I can be pretty annoying ; also pretty impressive;I'm the sort of person who will put my all into something even not worth saving ; I'm the type of person who will give there all for you even if you don't want me too. I'm pretty relentless if I care about you I care ,fully with every piece of myself ; that's the thing thats really rare ,maybe I'm not the relationship type but my eyes they sparkle even in the dark !!!


Stay safe



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