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There are many reasons Iadies are seen to be more vulnerable and I want outrage I want outrage for the fact that we are seen disposable and rarely seen as victims. Which makes people think we dont need protecting and its ok to hypersexualise us meanwhile we've been physically and sexually abused at horrific rates and not just by sex traffickers !!!

There are so many things waiting to rob woman and girls of our freedom our future and our joy,cos nothing has a obvious or evil phase it just gets ignored.We facing a plague that is killing people this itself makes everyone outraged but somehow we all still standing. I don't even have words to describe how bad it feels all I do is scream into a pillow for few minutes hoping it gets better. Sometimes I feel like I'm not in my body I'm watching myself move around and I not all there !!!

I'm proud of myself managing my mental health (not that I mental) its the things that's happening that causes us to question our mental state . We need to set boundaries get extra rest its not easy coping when we in the middle of a pandemic. Guess we lucky cause we surrounded by people who don't give up on us no matter what...We lose ourself not cause of what we face but merely cause of the toll it takes on us,It hurts us in ways we can't begin to understand.

Sometimes when you think the storms has passed you realize that you were just in the eye of it....


Stay safe



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