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Surround yourself: with uplifting positive people who laugh with you not at you...people who talk to you not behind you...people who build you up and not tear you down. Surround yourself with lovers and not haters...the one's that give and not only take...the believers and not really skeptics...the tender not the harsh. Don't settle for less than you deserve...surround yourself with those that shine brightly as you do...surround yourself with forgivers ,the humble and the kind...surroundyourself with authentic people...who you surround yourself with matters !!!

If those you've surrounded yourself with don't build you up when you're with them or when you leave the table ...there're not your tribe. If they don't cheer loudly for you when you find success or cry with you when you've lost

they're not your tribe. If they make you question your worth ,tear you down or make you feel defeated ...they're not your tribe !!!

Who you surround yourself with matters...they become part of you. You might start to act like them, think like them, speak like them , behave like them or simply view life through their lens. Don't you ever give up on who you are...don't you become a byproduct of someone else. Don't you ever dim your lights so they can shine brighter...don't deny yourself ,keep being you...keep doing what you love...your tribe will find you...even one good friend is far better than a bunch of fake friends !!!


Stay safe



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