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Never change your originality for the sake of one can play your role better than you, always be yourself. Be confident in the skin you are in...because that is the only body you will ever have. Even if you will never be as skinny as those super models...or the beauty who makes everyone stare, you are beautiful in your own way. You got to accept that and own it... it's what in the heart ...color is just skin deep...remember the past cannot be changed. Opinions don't define your reality...your weight don't characterize your personality. Everyone's journey is different, overthinking leads to sadness and happiness is found within. Your thoughts affect your moods...smiles are contagious, kindness is free. So it's okay to let go and move on...things always gets better with time...what goes around ,comes around !!!

Never apologize for who you you see you fight to be seen and heard. Be yourself outspoken...proud and strong...everyone else needs to respect your life. It takes alot of strength to be flow across the windswept plains needing nothing but your breath...your heartbeat and light. To feel the words that are not said and feel the ones that know that being is enough, the way I detach from people is by far the scariest part about me...because I can love you to death and never speak to you again. I have been through hell and back believe me when I say...fear her when she looks into a fire and smiles... falling down is an accident, staying down is a choice !!!


Stay safe



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