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You know what's ironic is trusting get this urge to share your deepest thoughts and secrets with someone, who later on betrays that trust. I find it ironic when im placed in jeopardy allowing me to trust in the wrong individual ,I find it ironic when I'm being persecuted by someone I place my trust in "that was harsh as I'm not being persecuted just a metaphor I'm using" its just a feeling that I'm feeling right now!!!

Seems like a non issue to some but to me placing my trust in someone means loyality and not expecting it to come back with a price . It's unethical and I would never do it to a friend or a person, feeling betrayed makes me feel like I've been stabbed from the back a thousand times . I know what it feels like to hurt someone even if it's not intentionally ,yes I've hurt people with nasty talks and words, criticised a few and it's definitely not a good feeling. I also learnt over the years that hurting people is hypocritically insane, its not normal behavior, nobody deserves to be hurt or humiliated ,embarrassed,we learn as we get older that its not healthy betraying each other ,we make mistakes that we cannot undo,reaction time slips, radical behavior!!!

What part of this story are we missing,what have we got wrong??? Were have we slipped up ?...

Gives us all something to think about ,Do we wanna be this villain? Do we wanna be the peacemakers?

Tough choices leads to a happier life!!!


Stay safe


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