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There's moments I've noticed when we lose ourselves in life especially when things don't seem to be going the way we want. All of our problems, our relationships, career goals, your fears, they all just fade away, it's not just you anymore... it's you with a whole lot of worries.

You may call it muscle memory or being in your zone, but whatever it's called "it's definitely rare". Worst part is knowing you're getting it wrong; you don't wanna leave the past in the past. At a certain point you've just gotta let go. At times you feel you've done everything by the book; you try to will yourself to stay in the fight for survival but you never understood the level of exhaustion. There comes a time when the desire to rest overrides the desire to live. We've got that desire, we just get lost in sickness and in exhaustion. You go into a level of absence from your mind.

It all happens because we allow toxic people to create drama in our lives. It is best to avoid them at all costs for they are ready to blame everyone else but never tend to see anything wrong with their own actions.

Once we are sure that they are toxic, cut them loose. But sometimes people behave like toxic people because they have other problems.

But soon enough, if they are beyond help, you have to let them go for your own sake.

Take care.


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