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We all a little broken and damaged in some ways ...some pieces still manage to fit together ; have you been there for someone's who damaged; makes it impossible; knowing that there's so much more than their worst moments. Life is not perfect "nobody is"'s sticky ,it's messy , complicated; often potentially way too much to handle . It is so much better than perfect because it's real !!!

When my ex first abused me it was the worst day of my life ...I didn't lay down and die (yes I sobbed for days in and days out) but I came out stronger ,more confident and self motivated ; that's the thing with tragedy, it makes you live for the now...lots of me was broken ; but he broke the wrong parts of me

He broke my wings but forgot I had claws...what I did realize is " I will never stay down " nor will I ever allow another man to raise his hands to me ...

I was finally done being broken ...or needing empathy or sympathy.

(I AM ALL I NEED) I keep saying it to myself over and over (the power of self love). This is my practice to a better life ; You still gonna experience dark thoughts and emotions . What is important is that you follow it up with IM OKAY WITH THAT...



Stay safe


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