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You may be confused right now, you maybe feeling want to do things but you can never figure out how. You have this burning fear inside of you...this fear of something that you can't even specifically explain. You not getting younger anymore (you not in your 20s or 30s) that is something you're aware of. You know this Life won't wait for you...and you know that it's your responsibility to find what's in store for you and make it happen. But that doesn't make you any less scared or any less lost...and that's okay. Stand up for who you want to be...those big decisions that you have to make? Go with your gut feeling...never ignore your intuition remember it will never fail you, you gotta  try and fail or fail to try !!!

Sometimes there are things that your heart knows and your mind can never what you love, you never have to apologize to anyone for the things that make you happy. Not everyone will think the the same way you think...remember it doesn't matter, listen to what your heart is telling you. It's never too late to experience the fullest of life...if opportunities doesn't exist then you have the power to create it...if an idea doesn't exist you create it. Self doubt will be your worst downfall...everything begins and ends in your mind. Breath in your future and breath out the past...if something makes you nervous, it's worth doing. Don't spend anymore time thinking...make it happen for you, you will never find happiness exclusively from other must always start by being happy with your own self. Figure out exactly what you want and don't stop; until you get it, remember it's never too late for's never too late to be happy !!!


Stay safe



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