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If I'm being truthfully honest with myself, I have been the one who does everything, who fights tooth and nail against life at all cost but truthfully I'm happy with the world my mind takes me too (like an imaginary friend) my mind takes me away and I'm lost In my thoughts... Lately I've been questioning every thought I make !!!!

Off course you are never ready for all the unexpected challenges and changes. You never know what's going to happen , I've been raised to be a good little girl and exceptionally strong woman , I was never disrespectful or defiled anyone. I tried to be good at everything, a good daughter, a good student, a good wife ,a good mother, a good friend but not always a good sibling (that area of my life I was the mischief one) !!!

But recently I forgot how to be a good person ,I'm not sure how to do that no more "being good in this cruel world ",even though that's what I've been for the longest ( a good person) . I've been too kind and too respectful to be placed in such challenging situations, Sometimes we push to hard and we end up defeated , It's my own damn fault truly ,coz my whole life I was thought to push through even if it hurts .Be strong VINO fight the good fight !!!

I don't like giving people the satisfaction of enjoying my defeat that's why I push till I have no strength left , My speed is TRY HARDER AND DO BETTER... never underestimate your greatness !!!


Stay safe



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