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 Has anyone else ever felt that they desire something different in this life ...How do you mean? What do i mean? I mean just different.

I watched life throw me all these heartaches; struggles; obstacles; sadness and pain; I am exhausted. I wanted a different life...a life less complicated, less headache and definitely less pain, I wanted a life of a princess. But we don't always get what we want or what we think we deserve. You hear people say work hard for what you want; have you ever noticed many people don't work at what they's handed to them on a gold and silver platter. I truly believe we are all capable of something so much more...even when we are not allowed to have anything else. Remember you are not the only one that thinks like this !!!

In this lifetime...are we free to do as we please and not be judged by society/friends/family. This life has thrown many of us to the wolves one too many times, when you had to fend for yourself, take care of yourself, no one was there to pick you up, or lend a hand to rescue you. Yet when people see you prospering or having a little bit of fun...then (Boooom) you are categorized, labelled, sometimes even degraded

Have you ever noticed the eyes that watches you when you yourself are unaware. Your name is mentioned when you least expect it, and especially by the people you love and trust dearly. No one defends your name or honor. Do you need these types of people in your life? Something to really think about? Don't settle for not let other people's opinions or judgments stop you from shining !!!

You wanna party go ahead, you wanna try new things (do so by all means) wanna get married (go ahead) you wanna get married after being a widow/widower or divorcee (do not let anyone stop you). You get to live this life only once (live it to your best, regret nothing)...good or bad choice it's your lesson to learn from. Every lesson is a lesson to teach us to better one's self, so don't stop believing in yourself, don't stop living your dreams (dreams can become a reality if you make it happen) yourself and always trust your instinct and lastly YOU DO YOU !!!


Stay safe


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