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Being stressed out is the biggest problem in our life's...people all over are stressed out. I think it has to do with alot that's coming at us,when we were growing up there wasn't a world wide pandemic. We got so much going on in our lives that stress is real and it takes over !!!

How do we deal with stress? How we balance all the things that's coming our way...So for me when I get stressed there are moments were I go "oh my goodness"

I'm so freaking out ,what am I doing?

It's then I remind myself to set my mind and heart on things that brings out good energy and positive thoughts !!!

I kinda come to the realization I can't fix it all, How many of us try to use the "S" on our chest (superman superwoman).

You try to do so much stuff and I think as I got older and mature I've learnt to you know what (I can't fix that).

I've also learnt that I'm gonna disappoint lots of people,sometimes we over commit and we probably shouldn't. Sometimes people have loads of expectations from us that we can't necessarily always fulfill. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about!!!

Im not gonna be this super person but I'm gonna be a good person ,I'm not gonna be the greatest friend or mom but I need to really really need to be a faithful mom and friend. So I think it allows me to set my mind more positively on what's around me than focusing on what I'm not accomplishing !!!

The biggest causes of stress I call is comparison...we constantly comparing ourself to someone else. We scroll through the social sites and we see all these other things that all these other amazing people are doing ,and you like (I'm not doing enough I'm not good enough) this is when your stress levels go off the charts !!!

So I've have learnt to back up ,not compare myself to anybody else ,I can't fix it all ,I'll just do my best today wake up tomorrow, love the people as best as you can. That will help you to literally de-stress , I've learnt also to focus my attention on good energy ,all the big things around me, the problems especially it just kind off nullify they kinda shrink !!!



Stay safe



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