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We all feel like this system is too big to change, we are the system and we need to change ...I think I'm learning and I'm growing ,I'm learning how to cope being put in so many traumatic experiences!!!

I've learnt if there's something that needs to be fixed and I'm capable of fixing it then I'll get it done and I'll do my best.Then there's times when somethings need to be done but it's out of my control and not possible for me to do it ,then I need to step back. There's times I'm too stressed or too busy overwhelmed i can't cope ,I just release the bad energy the bad thoughts the mishaps ,change my focus on energetic calming thoughts...I shift my mind and thoughts from bad vibes to positive a mind transformation !!!

I go to a place in my mind that shifts my focused completely , I go in my mind to a place of peace and solace. It's not like meditation or sanctuary ,it's more like me transitioning into my happy bubble were it's (ME MYSELF AND I) nobody else can enter.

I persue this battle in mind to stay calm in the midst of the chaos, I fight for my sanity and I hold on to hope . I don't allow any type of person to enter my circle (happy place). I've built a protective routine in my life, coz out of experiences we can be a menace with one's self coz we did not organize time !!!

As a result of being stressed or uneased, I make time for family ,friends, for social networking,out door life, so I'm not put in a position to be all over the place at once ,stop trying to please everyone. I also have a day when it's just me doing my thing,I don't have a full day (sleeping in late ,having a lazy day ,going to the salon) .

That's a critical component to de-stressing is having a clear cut plan, clear cut schedule, you should write it into your schedule "what you got planned for which days". There's times for fun,times for yourself,some of you are working too much that you never get to do anything fun (you weird).

Go out have fun ...these are just afew key points to de-stress. FYI Stress causes you to grow old very fast!!! We stress coz we don't have task inplace...


Stay safe



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