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Rewrite your survey...If you don't like the answers ,change the questions. You know better than anyone what you've been through and what to focus on,Be an open book in this war zone we living in .Tell you story (PTSD) !!! what is PTSD ? Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder...

People suffering from PTSD have intense disturbing thoughts and feelings related to the effects after there traumatic events. Some relive it through flashbacks and nightmares ,some feel anger ,resentment, bitterness, sadness and some just detach themselves from people (total isolation) !!!

We think PTSD is only for soldiers ,we haven't been to war so we not accustomed to suffer with it, but it can occur from any traumatic event. For me being violated in my home was more than enough ,it mostly likely triggered other traumatizing events in me from my past. It definitely makes sleeping hard, sudden noises can be trying,I am constantly terrified of everything, car horns, crowded spaces almost everything!!!

I wake up shocked and crying night after night, I don't remember when was the last time I had a good night sleep. It doesn't have to be like this we can help each other overcome this terror, and then we can help others who were put in the same situation . Today is a new day forget yesterday's traumas and focus on rewriting your story !!! There's a word for it called HOPE...


Stay safe



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