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Change is always posssible ...we can start by helping people even if the systems are broken we can offer them a path,Let's make it our jobs to help people out in the world to not become victims to abuse,or any other form of abuse!!! Like Rage...

There's usally a reason for Rage it's situational not chemical, it's time we help make the change and change comes from within. So loosen up not everything goes according to your plans!!!

It all starts with a path to hope ...if there's no path to follow we are going to see the future generations perish. We need to break the chain that has been infiltrating like a plague feasting like a blood sucking bug...we can only help people if we ourselves are willing to take the risks. (Coz change is always possible). This is what we meant to do and that is to help, we do simple easy things to help one another!!!

We can't always be chasing the hardest roads at every opportunity (better view haha), seems like a bad idea,but try to do the littlest thing humanely possible to put a smile back onto someone who's lost the will and hope to a better life.

Be relentless in this life time no matter how much being relentless hurts you!!!

All it takes is these sincere words

"HOW CAN I HELP" !!! to put a smile on someone's face and to brighten there day. Remember other people are going through stuff that we ourselves can never imagine, these are (facts and feelings) look around and see what's happening. When the going gets tough we don't run, we stay and fight even if it means taking the hard roads !!!

There's so much to do with so little time, we gotta learn to prioritize. Don't say NO start saying YES...


Stay safe


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