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Self Love & Healing:

You have a soft heart...and a pure soul, that's why you feel everything so deeply. But be clear on one thing...this is your "SuperPower" not your weakness. Some people have to pretend that you're a bad person so that they don't feel so guilty...for the things that they did to you. That they did to you...(let that sink in), they have to make you the bad person, that they don't feel so bad and guilty about what actually they doing. Take a moment to really think about that...that person has to wake up every single day, and create a false reality because they can't face the facts of what really is happening, and how they actually behave. Instead of simply apologizing or just being honest with themselves or others "they have to lie". Guilt does some crazy things to if someone is out there trying to smear your name just know, that that's the what they have to tell themselves. So they don't feel so guilty about what actually happened, and what they did to you...I know you wanna fight and fight back and tell your truth, but you know your truth and that's all that matters. Feel bad for them...don't stoop to their levels, you're better than that, so know your worth; choose yourself and choose love !!!

Always be ready to survive alone...some people suddenly change, today you are important to them, tomorrow you are nothing to them and that's the real life. My door was always open before...and I let people enter my life without even having second thoughts. I've witnessed some of them making a mess inside my being...people come to steal your peace of mind, cut off your lights emotionally leaving you stuck in the darkness.

That's when I came to my senses and woke up one don’t need to be on your own just to feel lonely; being in a crowd yet feeling alone is one of the worst kind of loneliness ever. To never feel like you belong and worst I felt it on my premises of my own home !!!

So now I keep my doors closed...and let people knock once they want to enter my life, that's a sign of respect for me. I deeply understand that when people value you they won't break the walls and barriers that you created for your own shelter. They will gently knock on your door or even wait on the threshold for you to welcome them. Unlike before when I greet them with all my heart in an i get to know them more first before deciding to let them in my home/life. I've learnt my lesson...and this is my way of protecting myself from experiencing what I had once in my past, it's taken me years to rearrange everything and I no longer want to feel so messed up again !!!


Stay safe



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