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Hi there. Vino is one of our gorgeous listeners from South Africa and every few days she posts something on her Facebook that blows us away. Sometimes profound and sometimes obvious. Sometimes our other listeners glean amazing advice from her words and thoughts without even realizing it.

So we asked her "hey! you should start a blog!"

So here it is.

She speaks from her heart (which is a very big place) and has been through a lot like many of us, but she has a way of analyzing life's hurdles and then coming up with a way of saying "everything's going to be ok".

Do No Harm. Attic x


When you get bad news it doesn't matter if you're too weak to cope or handle it; at times you panic but you don't give up. You feel like you're wired for self destruction... Why do I think that?

It's because everyday for a lot of days now I try to go to sleep just to visualize what I've been through and I zone out. I'm so sick of worst days and being terrified of every little sound and it's so freaking scary. Since this ordeal my home hasn't been my happiest or safest place. I can't take anymore worst days; I get so emotionally overwhelmed at every movement that I think it's a defense mechanism so people cry some people yell; me, I avoid my feelings and totally blackout. I think that's my best time processing what I've been through; with everything that's happening in this pandemic it feels like Satan has his eyes on the perfect set of circumstances to make sobriety seem impossible. Isolation, fear, futility, anger, hopelessness, name or make it stronger. For the record i don't believe in Satan. It just feels like, for me right now, that I just wanna crawl into a dark place.

But I don't, because I'm stronger than most people and the opposite of self destructive. Confessing my darkest fear helps me heal. In this world changing pandemic we can't judge or be selfish, bitter or resentful of the courage we get to deal with it, but people do become bitter and resentful. We can't blame them if they do, I guess people need quick fixes and that's why they do the things they do not considering who gets hurt in the cross fire.

I'm so angry at what I've been put through but I'm realizing that anger doesn't serve me. The more I let it go the better I'll become. I'm extraordinary and I'm unstoppable and always have been and always will be...

Stay safe 👊✌


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