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Has it ever happened to you ... that when you feeling very low from the inside; you wanna write your feelings ; or just scream it from the rooftops ; but you feel so empty cos even you can't understand your feelings... im the kinda person to forgive when deep offenses has been committed; I'm the one that loves when no one else does ; I'm the one who gives kindness to those who are mean ; I'm the one who looks past the insults ; instead i see the pain that motivated it . I'm the one who shines light upon those who sits in utter darkness; being that one person helps to bring healing to the wounded ; joy to the sad ; hope to those in despair !!!

I start my day with positive energy... Speak positive words into my life every single day ; think big ; think healing; think success ; think peace ; think happiness; think growth

There's a big difference between pretty and beautiful . When someone is pretty they have a good appearance ; but when someone is beautiful they shine on the inside and out ... I rather be beautiful inside than pretty on top !!!

Despite all the drama ... I write down my dreams ; I try to add value everywhere I go ; I'm always confident and humble at the same time . I refuse to be just ordinary ; I wanna change the world and not let the world change me ; I'm always me ; Holding my head high ; strong and courageous ; I stopped letting people make me feel less of a person ; I remind myself everyday that I'm a badass woman ; who's been through hell and back ,best part of me is that I come out stronger when thrown in the deep !!!


Stay safe



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