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Some days I wake up sad other days I'm bubbly and happy... I don't have a reason for it and it's not caused by something or someone. This isn't something that can be helped, solved or fixed ; we all have our own battles and struggles; it's just part of our journey. I know it doesn't make sense and it confusing(I'm always baffled and confused) , I wish I could explain how it feels so that you can understand " I don't understand it myself " . I just need space and time-out when I get like this ...

I'm not shutting down; I'm actually walling myself of this world so that I can get through these emotions.

I'm dealing with my feelings (yes I'll be okay, I always am) . I'm finding my way through the sadness, I'll come back to earth when I'm in a better place

This is just how I am ,dealing with my own complicated mess and emotions in the best way I know how !!!

This-time what I need- is how I stay happy for the rest of my life.

Even the clouds rain when they get too heavy, so this is my downpour.

Waiting in anticipation to see the sunlight again on the other side.

Thankful that the rain doesn't last as long as it should ... im dealing with my darkness (my very own way) so that I can find the light again . All I need is time ,some space and patience to find myself again , I'll be fine : i always am !!!


Stay safe



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