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Trust know how bad it can screw you up. Are you willing to let someone back into your life when the trust was broken???

Have you been that person or knows someone who shows up , or simply over stays their welcome and leaves everyone worst than before??? Do you know someone who never keeps their word or never shows up??? Do you know how it feels not being able to depend on that one person in the world who you've never thought would break your trust or hurt you !!!

I have major trust issues, my hearts been broken, at times I feel inadequate, let down, broken, insufficient . I managed to somehow pull myself together; but trusting is definitely an issue for me...No matter who this person is; they broke your trust; there's no going back to that...

When trust is broken ; everything else just seems to evaporate (dissappear). When trust is broken the ability to trust again is vague "unlikely impossible". That's not something you just shake off ; it's baggage that you carry into every relationship !!!

My questions to myself ... Do you have regrets ? Yes I do; What are you doing about it? Thought that comes to my mind is never trust again. What have you done about it? Nothing ...We living on borrowed time ...its time to break this circle or mistrust ; leading people on ,empty promises. Take the stand to change, change can only come if you're honest with yourself ; when you start to trust yourself it will make trusting others easier ... "piece of advice when someone breaks your trust ,maintain distance at all cost" !!!

We spend our borrowed time in this earth by making things right...making wrongs right. What would you do with your last day on earth? Would you speak your mind?

Could you admit your flaws? Would you give someone new a chance? Would you protect your heart? Would you share your space? Or would you wake up get dressed ,step out ; breath in ,move beyond the past , sadness or worry and just start afresh !!!


Stay safe



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