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You ever hung on to stuff you know you're shouldn't...magazines, memento, memories even grudges . We kinda keep it all away for a raining day, but do we really need all that extra stuff, it stacks up, it takes a toll , it can wear you down, it shuts out the light and it hangs over you like a cloud you can't shake off ,that clutters toxic

and also highly flammable make a clean break,start fresh and let the sun shine can't start a new chapter if yesterday's debri is still laying around !!!

Don't be a dying plant...don't waste away on life ; without sunshine or light ,collecting piles of stuff till you're trapped in a prison of your own ; making with no way out, you have a way don't always have to be right ,taking things too seriously, sometimes it's okay to feel abit lost.

Sometimes it's easier to hold on to things ,than it is to share them; because sharing means opening up, it means letting people in . It means exposing the things that hurt us; embarrass us , haunts us

That's why so many of us hide the things that scares us

we hauled them away; trouble is if you not careful all that baggage; it can crush you !!!

We need change ...we need a new side of the old you , we need to loosen up ,wear life loosely. Get rid of that earnestness be easy and breezy...when did we stopp being easy and we stopped being breezy . Bring out the new and improved you , the exciting you ,the risk taking you, the spontaneous free spirit you , rule breaking you . Make yourself feel good , happy and care free everyday , all day !!!


Stay safe



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