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All of us struggle with our identity...maybe we married someone we shouldn't; maybe we date someone we shouldn't, maybe we related to someone we wish we weren't .

Maybe we need rules, maybe we shun them, maybe we need to shake off who we always thought we were and try on something new . Maybe we should loosen up , maybe we should take a leap because when we do maybe we just might surprise ourselves !!!

Struggling to survive in this messed up world ,clawing your way out of life's challengers...

It only makes you stronger, it changes your prospective ; it opens you up to brand new possibilities. The tiniest spark can start a fire like a chain reaction ; sometimes you want to let that spark catch so that fire grows. Sometimes you just better put if off ;

because fires are contagious, it can spread like a disease and if you not careful, it will infect everything !!!

People in this day and time have more in common than we think! We are survivors...not just surviving

our own near death experiences but surviving the loss of families and friends .

Doesn't matter how much time as passed you're never ever get over something like that; moving on is a great way to jump start your new chapter of life and it's not an easy thing to do !!!

It's normal to have your moments...when you feel like everything around you is crashing; feels like the walls are closing in.

It could trigger you in a bad way if you weren't as strong as you are tough circumstances and decision making ,you will be able to handle yourself if put under pressure . Take life day by day ; sometimes you feel like you can contain a spark , what if you loose control of the spark, what if that spark catches fire and erupts; if you not careful it will burn your whole world down. Work on a different kind of strength to fix your problems !!!


Stay safe



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