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Board up your windows ,take shelter; find your flashlights, gas off ,honka down...

That's the advice you hear when a storm is coming. When the horizon turns dark and the clouds are forming ; when the winds pick up and knocks you back on your feet ,

don't take risks ; settle in somewhere safe and wait it out; if you want to weather the storm can't ignore it nor can you run from it. You sure as hell can't control the storms if it's coming ; but you can be smart, you can prepare or you can stay ready and hope upon hope that this storm won't be your last !!!

Just like in this life ...we face so many hurdles ,potholes, thunderstorms, hurricane, drought, famine and then there's a beautiful rainbow . In life it's the same, all the challengers we face ,there's always hope ... when this life has crushed and burnt you ,you may wonder ; how did I get here, but that part doesn't really matter ,what matters is what you do next. Will you let it overwhelm you or will you rise . Storms are never actually over...when you thing one has subsided another one from out of nowhere ruptures !!!

Get out of your comfort zone...brave the storms that's approaching you with strength and hope. Strength to fight with all you have ; hope to realize that there is a rainbow out there. We don't fret or loose prospective, we tough it up and rise above whatever is coming our way. We don't allow the storms of life to weigh us down ,

drown or capsize us... we take charge of everything that's surrounding us , be it drama upon drama ; incidents upon accidents ...we don't give up or lose hope !!!

We conquer victoriously...we rise up like a Phoenix; we dust of the debri; shake it all off; we take back everything this storm of life has taken from us ... we fight harder than ever , let the beast inside roar... enough is enough, it's time for change, it's time for peace and it's time for you to shine !!!


Stay safe



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