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Have been been having a tough time lately ...just coping. Things falling apart ; people vanish from your life; people die.

It's best to cry it out (believe me it helps; makes you feel better). Some of you I know can't cry or don't cry; crying is a form of therapy "you getting things out" Volunteer crying is what I call it. When I listen to a sad songs; put on a sad movie. I actually do alot of volunteer crying when I'm sad ...its just my thing of coping!!!

As bad as things get you can't quit...quitting means failing and failing means you losing hope or you have lost all hope . It is what it is; we all have a rough start " well some of us do" others have rough endings ; we don't walk out ; we stick it out . You change people's mind and you become legendary ; everyone is fighting some kind of battle . We all get there some day soon . In the mean time you tough up !!!

You can't change your past...nobody can but we can surely make the future better.

Don't waste your life on the "WHAT IF WHAT WAS ". Don't let the enemy take anymore from you ; don't let the enemy win, stay in the fight. Tired of fighting ; tired of the pain and hurt that you just want it to stop ; you can't change your past but guess what you still here ,you still alive.

Let your now life represent your former life...leave a mark and let go of the past ;What mark do you wanna leave on the world? What's your true character? What do you have left to say? We all are scared of all the stuff nobody else can see; we hide things from the people we love and care cos we don't know what's gonna happen if we come clean !!!

Don't keep things bottle up ...fight for what you want and what you believe; we definitely come out stronger if we seek the love and support we need . We don't realize how much people are dealing with; we get by but honestly that's something to be afraid of. We all need a break just a few minutes to ourselves; we try and we snap (that's normal). You can't promise yourself you not gonna snap again but you sure can promise yourself that you'll be needing lots of breaks as the days go by ...situations gets worst before it stops; and when it stops you'll give anything for the bad times again "lessons learnt" !!!


Stay safe



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