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You fall inlove and you assume that ...that would be enough...the good sex and the feeling that you might die if you can't kiss that person everyday; would be enough to hold you together . But then when life hits you hard and there's choices to be made; you realize that you don't know the person you thought you'd loved. Some marry people out of telling each other all there thoughts; then after most marriages you don't have conversations like that ever again.You get confused ,lost for love...protocols for respect. You have to decide if the thought for losing someone is worst than the thought of changing your life to be with them !!!

So my advice is if you love someone...don't wait to tell them. Tomorrow is never promised ; with everything that's going on in this day and time ; we gotta make the best of every available for today; so later you will have no regrets ,live spontaneously you allowed to fall and get up; you allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Don't hesitate go make some game changing rules; every second of every minute of every hour of everyday is so precious and priceless !!!

Don't build lives that can't last...some people fall inlove with people who don't have the guts to love back(don't be that person) the person that gives your all and gets all in return . Some people ain't as brave as they think they are; they afraid to take risks; they afraid to jump in with both their feet first; but believe me taking risk on love is a gambler...what you put in you will get back "some are fortunate they catch the jackpot" so if you have someone who's showering you with all the love and attention (don't ever think twice) !!!

Yes you don't rush take things at a secure pace; get to know the person...the likes and dislikes; the bad and the good habits; nobody is ever perfect but we try to seek perfection . We try not to change the other person but rather to accommodate.

Baby steps first ...then solids...the we crawl and lastly we hold each other's hand and walk briskly together...we see the big picture and we step in and make things happen. Make beautiful memories !!!


Stay safe



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