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People are really good at lying to themselves when it's self preservation ...we all bleeding internally in so many ways . We gotta work on ourselves everyday (starting with fixing our faces "metaphor")...have you ever thought that the reason things haven't changed for us is because we so quick to fix our face ..."it is what it is". We are all heroes in our own particular way and heroes don't have to fix their faces . We worry to much about the rule breaking !!!

If feel like you drowning in your own grief ; you bearly getting a chance to catch your breath and then you'd pulled back down crashing ; not knowing which way is up.

You forget how to breath or even that you should; but there's that one thing...that life preserver will keep you afloat a few minutes so that you can save your energy .

You hang on to the life preserver and let it keep you alive until you no more need it...we all have life preserver's; some of us don't actually know it ...for me it's music ;for some it's saving lives, others teach and so on !!!

We have to change things ...fix our faces ;

You look at life like sports ...true athletes wanna play with and win against the best there is; as it said getting whipped sometimes stings but you get use to it ; you up your game ,that's how you become the best .They wouldn't want anybody to sandbag there game just to make then feel good ;that would be the most insulting thing ever...this is not a game(this is one's life) it cost you everything and it leaves you nothing . You just have a whole lot of broken pieces you use to be!!!

You try to put yourself back spend years trying to put together what was taken from you . You feel like nobody gets to make a mistake that cost you everything, and just walk away from it. We think about what could or have been ; obsessing really that it hurts your brain; but seriously you finally get to know what you want . We just don't want justice or punished...I don't want anyone to feel like I've felt; or to go through what I've been through !!!

So what i want is to prevent them to doing to anybody else what was done to you . It's going to be a lonely life if you don't let it go ...there's no time line !!!


Stay safe



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