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When you're lost so much that there's no more tears left to think that there's nothing left but take a moment and look in the mirror "that you're are left". We lose so much but we still standing; you know what that means means you (THE PHOENIX) you're RISE; sometimes we need to hear the truth even if we regret hearing it. Here's the ambitious and sometimes I'm ruthless !!!

I know what ambition looks like;it means you know were you are in the mountain and you know were you wanna go, and were you wanna go is higher than were you are; and so you climb . But ruthless means you will push somebody out of your way if they are slowing you down ...they fall of the edge of the cliff; well that's their fault cos you know they should have worn better shoes. You gonna stop helping because you got your eye on top of the mountain cos that's all that matters !!!

You own a ruthless streak...until you own that ;you're never gonna change it. You maybe a person of honor in many ways ; you maybe an incredible individual; you maybe a strong person "no doubt". We feel so spikey and awful ;like you should be at the acceptance phase . Life is pain there's no two ways about it...its love and its grief; our job is to make sure the love we feel is worth the grief !!!

You meet people along the way that are not blood family...yes there's family that blood makes but there's also the family made of mutual roads traveled; family made of shared experience, familiarity and sensibility; shared passions and understanding and love . We think we gotta stick to a plan; but plans don't work ,people die ,families fall apart ; if this is the worst it will ever will get better though !!!


Stay safe



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