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There's a story my gran use to tell me as a child..."the invisible backpack". See when we born we all come with this invisible know to put your experiences and your memories in. You know for some people well that backpack just weighs a few pounds ,gosh you hardly even notice it's there...but for others it can feel like the weight of the world that just sits on their shoulders !!!

Sometimes you don't find out what's in your partners backpack until you are welled into a marriage ...that's okay we all have baggage you know; parts of ourselves we rather keep hidden and tucked away even from those we love the most

You have to accept what's in your partners backpack before it's contents reveal or else you'll have a very long and rocky road ahead of you !!!

You have to carry each other's burdens...they may come a day were you may see something in him or her that they were afraid to show you...forgiveness is a super power ,keep your head up . This time of the year we tend to look out for the hassle and bustle of the worlds busy lives . We become more interested in people than in things ...but the best things in life aren't things at all . Simple can be better ... having less can sometimes mean having more . Holding things in can really hurt somebody live for the moment ,life's too short !!!


Stay safe


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