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I know life has been hard lately for so many people and they feel like they're drowning on every turn...being it christmas time, the pain just surfaces up unbearable to many, losing loved ones to covid,all I can say is hang on keep going. Lift your head high ,dig deep and find a way to make peace or find closure; life may have gotten the best of you but remember it doesn't storm forever...I know what it feels like losing a loved one ,all the tears we shed ,all the questions we ask ,won't bring that person back !!!

You're going to come through this stronger,wiser and better than you've ever been before... if you allow yourself to process the grief and keep going. But first you gotta keep fighting to get through not saying it will be fast or easy ...its never easy that I do know but it will be worth it . It's time you started to believe it...stop beating yourself up ,you can't control destiny. Think about the beautiful treasured memories that are left behind; this year has got us all fighting for survival but this is where we gotta make the story change're alive ,you're worth everything and it's time you started believing that. As much as it's hurting let go of the past and focus on your may still have some best days and happiest moments waiting for you !!!

Don't give up on hope and your dreams...turn the page ,life goes on ,start a new chapter ...believe in yourself ,don't let grieve and regrets torture you . Stop doubting yourself ...stop letting your weakness override the strength within you. You're a strong soul who is capable of anything, so start by finding the person inside you that you've lost along the way !!!

That person is waiting for you to remember the strong ,vibrant, energetic human that you once were. You deserve happiness everyone does ; so keep going ,stop surviving and start living your life for you . Do it for yourself ,do it to feel alive again ,do it to be happy again, do it for your sanity . Most of all just start somewhere ,anywhere... never look back or stop until you end up where you're meant to be ... be unstoppable don't lose yourself, you'll end up in a pit harder to climb back up !!!


Stay safe



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