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Close the doors of the in the moment as if no one is looking over your shoulder ,don't try to figure out what other people want to hear from you ,figure out what it is you have to say...that is the one and only thing you gotta offer...

-Don't chase anyone

-Don't beg someone to stay

-Know your worth

-Save space for people who matter

-Accept what cannot be changed

-Leave what isn't for you

-Prioritize yourself

-Actions over words

-Happiness over everything

-Love yourself !!!

How you treated is more important than how much you like someone... you're too good for someone to be unsure about you. I've been tested more than nasty ordeal after the I've been jinxed or cursed. I lost alot but I also won a few, I failed on so many accounts but I also overcame, I remember how much I cried but I also remember the times I laughed so much. I honestly learnt alot through my ordeals thought me to love the one's that are dear to me but most of all I'm still here ,stronger than ever and proud of my accomplishments, through it all I didn't break ,I just got better and tougher !!!


Stay safe



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