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Don't be upset when people judge you...they've only seen your cover,but never heard your story. Standing alone doesn't mean you are means that you are strong enough to handle things by yourself . Every year teaches me two things :

- no one is permanent

-life has to move on

I'm proud of myself for not being fake...don't fear the days ahead,you were born for them. You ever heard a rumor about yourself and actually wanted to hear more,like damn...what did I do next ? When things are bad,remember: it won't always be this way,take one day at a time ,when things are good ,remember: it won't always be this way ,enjoy every great moment !!!

Classy is when you have a lot to say ...but choose to remain silent infront of fools. I always say keep your head high and your middle finger higher. Let go "cos when you let go you create space for better things to enter your life". Has it ever happened to you? one day you healing and the next day you breaking down again , but both days you not giving up though . Remember you not anyone's not anyone's christmas present , you are not disposable once they done with are you " an independent ,self reliable, self equipped lady that takes shit from no one". You don't throw in the towel ,you take that towel wipe your face ,look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself hold on, "I am almost there" remind the world not to get started with don't come with brakes !!!


Stay safe



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