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Your circle should want to see you win...they should be the one's clapping the hardest at your good news...if they don't, then it's time to get a new circle . None of us are perfect , but we don't have to be ,we know that no matter what happens ,we can depend on each ,and that is worth if you not feeling the vibe in's time to snip snap, cut and let go. I've learned that I'd rather have a few close friends and family that has my back than a bunch of pretenders that weren't there for me when I needed them...I have tried to surround myself with friends and family that were the first to cheer for me and be there during my tough times. I didn't have to ask them for help ,they just showed up when I was down and out...those are my crew, my people, my tribe !!!

That's the thing about going through the hard get to figure out your ride or dies and who is there for their own benefit. I'll choose the one's that love me unconditionally, accept me unquestionably and support me no matter what...I give what I get always, so I expect the same from those in my circle . Gone are the days when I'd make excuses for someone else...accept their lack of loyalty and put up with less than I deserve...I've only got one shot at this life, so I want the people that I hold close to my heart walking beside me. The ones that I know I can depend on when things go south ...the trusted people that both celebrate and cry with me...that's my kind of people ,my tribe, my me or hate me ,I honestly don't care...I'm moving on without the you !!!


Stay safe



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