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When you finally begin to understand the irony of takes sadness to appreciate happiness, heartache to understand takes darkness to find your way back to light, it takes death to appreciate the living. There's days when I stumble and fall, losing the hope that keeps going. It's hard to believe when you have all the reasons to give up...but this is a new me and a new chance. My journey will be a tale of triumph ,but it's also a story of failures and mistakes. I've learned to be defined by my bad choices and I discovered a way to never lose in myself or my path...I can't go back and rewrite the old chapters, and the truth is, I wouldn't want to if I could !!!

Those are times that made me who I am, that forged my fire in the flames of struggle...I've never met a strong person with an easy past and I'm no exception...these are the moments that invigorate my soul and fill my spirit. Times when I close my eyes ,breath in deeply and reclaim my courage when it falters. This is the time when I trust in the magic of new beginnings. Just because I share my stories and give advice ,it doesn't mean I know more than anyone ... it means I've been through the impossible and done more stupid shit than anyone I know , at times I can't explain how I feel but my story says it for me !!!


Stay safe



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