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It's time to start believing in yourself...ALPHA FEMALES don't run in packs...I don't make excuses for who I am, because I love me for me, my scars ,my scratches and my imperfections, you can't tame me or cage can however walk beside me, beautiful wild creatures can't be kept in cages or let there wings get clipped, just so you know...if you not in my circle don't wait around and think I'll let you in, I'm somebody you'll never find again in this lifetime... we only got one life and I plan to pursue my dreams with resentless optimism and reckless abandon, wherever that leads me, I'm the one person that labels don't fit and definitions don't describe, I'm fiery spunky and sassy, I always speak my mind and share my thoughts !!!

Some say I'm a handful and have an attitude, truthfully you don't know quiet what to make of me, but then most people don't, everyone is afraid of fire except those who love the burn...but you will always know were you stand with me. I never forge how far I've come, all the times I pushed on even when I felt I couldn't. All the mornings I forced myself out of bed no matter how hard it was, the times when I wanted to give up but fought through another day...I never forget the strength I've gained along the way. I will cut anyone off to protect the peace I've worked so hard for, nobody took me out of the dark , I did it on my own !!!


Stay safe



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