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I never had one of those lives where I could take it easy and relax...whilst everyone else had to sit back and enjoy the days were full of challenges and nights full of struggles. There wasn't enough time to rest or the chance to do what I wanted. For as long as I can remember my life has been a journey of fire and storms. Fires that tried to consume me and storms that were intent on drowning me. None of that ever stopped me, it only made me stronger...there were times that I was forced to my knees fighting for survival in a world that seemed determined to bring me down. But each time I got up; dusted myself off and found a way to keep going . No one gave me much of a chance to make it, but then...I don't need anyone's approval or permission to be independent, strong and empowered person that I am !!!

I've never had anyone helping me during the hardest times of my life...and I'm someone who won't ask for help ...I'd rather fight my battles alone. I had to work hard for everything I needed not wanted "cos need is an essential and want is a want". I learned a long time ago that no one was showing up to bail me out of the hard stuff...I did what I had to do, and become the hero of my own story. I don't have a fancy costume but I definitely do have a "superpower". I'm fiercely unstoppable...that doesn't mean I don't get knocked down, or I don't have bad days . I don't stay down and I don't give up ...all the times that the world and life tried to break me? All it did was make me more wiser, stronger and better. Thanks to all the people that hurt me, all the days that shattered me and all the times that I failed...I now know that I can do anything and overcome the obstacles that crash into my life. I'm more than just a person , I'm a brave heart with an iron spirit...there's nothing I can't do !!!


Stay safe



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