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Ever screw up so bad that it seems impossible to fix...ever hurt someone so much that it breaks you...I'm a bit of a superstar at both of these know sometimes when crappy things happen and you can't do anything about it, you just got to focus on other things. We can't let your adrenaline get the best of you, it's way to easy to hurt the ones closest to think you want to know everything about them , you see stuff you can unsee, it makes you want to break stuff and you hurt the people you least expected to hurt. When we hurt each's hard to forgive even the little things, if you can't learn to let go in these moments, you'll never learn that the grudge means less than the love that's right infront of you !!!

You can run all you want in life...but when you running ,you don't have to face the truth. The truth any truth...eventually it has a way of making you run right into you can't help but face it. If you don't live your will eat at you and it will find you ,whether you want it to or not, the problem with ripping band aid off ,once you do it ,it never sticks the same way it did before...and you can never predict how bad it looks underneath, or know when the wound is fully healed, there end lies the tough decision of knowing when to rip...signs are there everywhere you just need to look around and you'll see them, good or bad their there for a reason. Sometimes we ignore them cause we don't want to face the truth, other times it's hard to tell what they mean, or there so obvious you have to be a moron to miss them...their like GPS maps for the soul !!!


Stay safe



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